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Webinars are really popular nowadays as they make knowledge more accessible. People are able to watch webinars from their homes or workplaces anywhere in the world. More than that, webinars are an excellent way to deliver content as it allows us to mix and match different types of media (video, images, audio).

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Hosting webinars can help organizations to: develop authority and trust, create business relationships, understand their target audience, raise brand awareness, raise awareness of an important topic or cause, provide relevant content to their audience and staff.

Find out more about our Trend Webinar in collaboration with Italianbark

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Our courses can include  webinars, reports, e-books, presentations, Q&A Sessions, social media discussion groups. 


What people say about our Webinar

"The Trend Webinar was very useful as it helped me to be updated with macro trends and also to learn about new things presented at the Milan Design Week. Since I couldn't attend the MDW, the webinar helped me to stay on track."
Valeria C. - journalist and communication expert (Switzerland)
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