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INDRODUCTION TO THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY & DESIGN course for the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) with undergraduates from communication, industrial and fashion design.
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Education & Training

We believe a circular future begins with a profound shift in mindset, relevant information and awareness. We work with companies and educational institutions to offer bespoke circular design courses, talks and workshops to students and professionals.


We have been working with different sorts of organisations within the design industry: from small family owned businesses to multinationals, also with educational institutions and professional associations.

TREND WEBINAR for Flag Portugal covering the main trends within Millennial generation's lifestyle and consumption and how these are translated into sustainable homes.
ISOLA DESIGN CLASSES is a new worldwide initiative dedicated to emerging designers. SOMA is one of the Milan- based studios taking part in this initiative.

Our courses, talks and workshops are tailor-made to suit specific audiences from different organisations and institutions. We offer both online and physical experiences. Everything starts with a meeting – usually held online, where we get to know each other and understand your organisation’s needs, realities and audience. After the meeting, we will provide a bespoke commercial proposal for your consideration.

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