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CIRCULAR DESIGN GLOSSARY aims to turn circular design concepts into shared language and accessible practices. In collaboration with New York-based organizations mebl and Sustainable Furnishings Council.
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Content Generation

We believe a circular future begins with a profound shift in mindset, where relevant information and awareness are key. That’s why we curate and create compelling content to spark conversations around the circular economy and circular design. We translate concepts, strategies, innovations, and trends into accessible knowledge while supporting designers, organisations, and initiatives working toward a circular future.

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We have been collaborating with blogs, magazines, brands, educational institutions, professional associations and design events to create first-class content about the circular economy and circular design.

WEBINAR SERIES for Armani/Casa, Canada, covering how in Italy art, craftsmanship, authenticity, functionality and sustainability are intertwined with luxury. In collaboration with ITALIANBARK.
TREND WEBINAR for Natuzzi Editions Brazil shares trends spotted during the Milan Design Week, including sensorial and biophilic design and social and circular design highlights.

We help our clients raise awareness and build trust

Through content generation– articles, social media posts, e-books, webinars, reports, presentations, we help our clients to raise awareness around the circular economy and circular design; provide relevant information to their audience, develop authority and trust and create new business opportunities. Everything starts with a meeting – usually held online, where we get to know each other and understand your organisation’s needs, realities and audience. After the meeting, we provide bespoke commercial proposal for your consideration.

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How we spread the word on circular economy and circular design

Since 2018, we have been writing articles and hosting talks to spread the word about the circular economy and circular design. These years, we have had the opportunity to interview and learn from designers, scientists and entrepreneurs worldwide. We learnt so much from their work and researches while sharing valuable and inspiring information on biomaterials and circular design.  

 Isola Design District

BACK TO MATERIALS series of talks for Isola Design District (Italy) covering the latest innovations on biomaterials while sparkling conversations around circular design.

mebl | Transforming furniture

BESPOKE ARTICLES & NEWSLETTER for New York-based enterprise mebl, featuring the latest trends and circular design innovations within the furniture industry.


DEDICATED ARTICLES for DesignWanted shares strategies on designing furniture with the circular economy in mind. In collaboration with New York-based enterprise mebl.

Gazeta do Povo

CONEXÃO DESIGN monthly column for Gazeta do Povo (Brazil) sharing our experiences, ideas and visions on design and the circular economy.

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