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LEAD GENERATION CAMPAIGN for New York-based organizations mebl and Sustainable Furnishings Council, featuring circular design concepts and practices.
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Brand Positioning & Public Relations

Communication – a strategic and powerful tool, is at the heart of our work. Sustainable products, projects and services will only drive positive changes and results with proper, honest and efficient communication. 

SOMA has partnered with Allora Agency to help brands, organizations, and professionals unlock good opportunities for companies, people and the planet. Our image building, brand positioning and public relations services drive shareholders, customers and government institutions to engage in sustainable and circular initiatives. No greenwashing is required! 


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Tailor-made service

We have been working with different sorts of organisations within the design industry: from small family owned businesses to multinationals, NGOs, educational institutions, professional associations, designers, architects, artists and activists.

BESPOKE NEWSLETTER CAMPAIGN for New York-based enterprise mebl, featuring the latest trends and circular design innovations within the furniture industry.
CONTENT CAMPAIGN for SOMA on the circular economy and circular design fields.

Persona, Brand Voice and Identity

We start by developing a correct brand positioning to help your organisation identify its central message, persona, brand voice and identity. We then develop an offline and online strategy (social media + online channels) and design a powerful corporate presentation and press release.

Once your communication foundations are in place, we take your sustainable narratives to those who matter with our public relations services. It all starts with a meeting – usually held online, where we get to know each other and understand your organisation’s needs, realities and audience. After the meeting, we will provide you with a tailored business proposal for your consideration.


Building brand image and positioning

Created by Erica Rabecchi, Allora is an agency specialising in building brand image and positioning brands in the market through strategic communication plans, branding and public relations processes. Since each client has different needs and realities, Allora provides a tailor-made consultancy. No plan and strategies are the same, but they all benefit from Erica Rabecchi’s knowledge and more than 20 years of experience as a communication specialist moving across all market sectors in Brazil and Europe.



We are a Milan-based multidisciplinary team turning sustainable products, services and projects into relevant stories that drive positive change and results. Our team combines expertise in design, communication, sustainability, circular economy and circular design to ensure efficient messages get across and in front of those who matter.





Ana Luiza is a Social Communicator with a Master in Media Industries from the University of Leeds She is a certified trend researcher by TrendWatching and completed Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s professional programme “From Linear to Circular.” She worked in advertising and design agencies in Brazil and UK.





Erica Rabecchi is a journalist by training and specialist in brand building and image positioning. Erica has more than 20 years of experience developing strategic plans, branding projects and public relations. She has been working with European and Brazilian brands across all sectors and markets.



Lead PR & Copywriter

Camila Leonelli is a journalist by training. She holds a postgraduate degree in Fashion Communication & Marketing from IED in Rome and a specialization in Cool Hunting from Saint Martins in London. Camila’s work experience starts in São Paulo in PR agencies. In Milan, Camila works in PR for international brands. 

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