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When Design meets Communication

We landed in Milan in 2017 and as design lovers, we immersed ourselves in the design scene. We got in touch with new initiatives, projects, talented professionals and a whole new world opened up to us.

We’ve realised that the only possible future is circular, there is no turning back. The planet is urging us to re-design, re-think and
re-purpose the way we produce and consume. Design is more than ever collaborating with life sciences and social sciences to build a sustainable world and to encourage a shift towards a circular economy. We want to take part in this revolution, for us the real revolution of our times. 

SOMA is the way we chose to share all the amazing things we are seeing, learning and researching with all those who have a genuine love for our planet and believe in the restorative power of design. 

We are a small team with years of experience in the design and communication fields. We are passionate about creating and sharing accessible and compelling content. Meet us:

Ana Luiza is a communicator expert and holds an MA in Media Industries from the University of Leeds, Leeds, UK. She worked in advertising and design agencies in Brazil and the UK. In 2017, she moved from London to Milan and co-created SOMA_studiomilano.


Marlon Chiumento is a trend specialist and holds a degree in Industrial Design from the European Design Institute (IED) in Milan, Italy. He worked for design studios and furniture brands in Italy and Brazil. He also worked as a trend lecturer in several Brazilian and Italian educational institutions.


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Welcome to our workspace

SOMA is based in Milan, Italy. From the moment we’ve decided to create the studio we knew we needed a place that could inspire us. We made sure then to surround ourselves with things such as our beloved design and art pieces, books, plenty of greenery and a strong-minded cat. Whenever we are not travelling to cover a design event, you will find us here.

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Let's spread the word about sustainable and circular design