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When Design meets Communication

We landed in Milan in 2018 and as design lovers, we immersed ourselves in the design scene. We got in touch with new initiatives, projects, talented professionals and a whole new world opened up to us. 

We’ve realized that the only possible  future is circular , there is no turning back. The planet is urging us to re-design, re-think and re-purpose the way we produce and consume. Design is more than ever collaborating with life sciences and social sciences to build a sustainable world and to encourage a shift towards a circular economy. We want to take part in this revolution, for us the real revolution of our times.

SOMA is the way we chose to raise awareness and provide valuable information and strategies about the circular economy and circular design, empowering professionals and companies to act and migrate to this new economic model and build a more sustainable future.

Our mission is to empower companies and professionals to transition from our linear to a circular economy – which in practice means developing or adjusting products, systems, services and communication for a circular economy and a more sustainable and fair world.






Ana Luiza is a Social Communicator and holds a Master in Media Industries from the University of Leeds (UK). She is a certified trend researcher by TrendWatching and has completed Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s professional programme “From Linear to Circular.” She has worked in advertising and design agencies in Brazil and England.




Marlon Chiumento is a trend specialist and holds a degree in Industrial Design from the European Design Institute (IED) in Milan. He has completed Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s professional programme “From Linear to Circular.” He worked for design studios and furniture brands in Italy and Brazil. He also worked as a trend lecturer in several Brazilian and Italian educational institutions.



Consultant – Design Strategy

Luca Alessandrini has been collaborating with SOMA since 2018. He is a designer trained in engineer with a solid sustainable innovation orientation. He has been a consultant in sustainable materials and circular production processes for many years. He is currently a PhD candidate in sustainable materials for design at the Politecnico di Milano. and Italian educational institutions.

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Welcome to our worldspace

SOMA was founded in Milan, our new home since 2018. Milan is a great source of inspiration, especially when it comes to creativity, design, and sustainability. And most of the time you will find us here, but our studio frontiers are not limited to the city. We are constantly traveling to design fairs and events to find out what is next in the circular economy and circular design and to connect with talented professionals and purposeful organizations.  



We will love to hear from you and work towards a circular future.