⁣⁣”How can we apply circularity to our homes?” ⁣”How do we know if a home decor product is truly circular?” ⁣⁣
Last month, we took part in Ccrave’s Circular Talks podcasts sessions to explore these challenging questions. The answers are not simple nor straightforward. ⁣⁣

When we talk about circularity and how to apply it to our homes, we are talking about finding affordable and practical ways to live within the core principles of the circular economy. For instance, “keep products and materials in use” – how can we apply this circular principle to our daily lives?⁣⁣
We can start by taking good care of our home products and make sure we try to repair them as much as possible to extend their life cycle. We can also buy second-hand furniture and electrical appliances. We can invest in modular products that are easy to be repaired. And whenever we think about buying something new, we should ask ourselves if we really need it. ⁣⁣

And when we decide to purchase something new, how can we make sure this item is genuinely circular? It is incredibly hard to do, mainly because circularity doesn’t depend on one company or a single product, but it is more about a whole system. A product will be truly circular if there is no waste from production to disposal and fair working conditions. BUT we are not saying this to discourage anyone. ⁣⁣
We should all aim to make the best choices we can within our economic means and possibilities. We should aim for compostable, repairable, recyclable, reusable, refillable, reclaimed. 

Go ahead and listen to the podcast here. And let’s find out together how we can contribute to a circular future starting from our homes.⁣⁣

*ph credits: courtesy of Chan + Eayrs

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