When we decided to create SOMA_studiomilano our mission was very clear. We wanted to spark conversations and raise awareness around the circular economy and circular design to empower citizens, organizations, and businesses to take the first steps towards the circular economy.

Along the way, we have been discovering different ways to accomplish this mission and to transform it into relevant services that can help small businesses, entrepreneurs, designers, big corporations, and educational institutions. From content generation, product design, trend research, material research to training, we are always thinking about new possibilities!


Recently, we have gathered forces with ITALIANBARK to deliver in-depth trend forecasting research to a surface company in the USA. Together we:

  • Analysed the top macro trends in the lifestyle + living
  • Identified the most relevant innovations and moods within the surface industry in the next two years 
  • Shared specific trend research on the US market 
  • Translated our findings into CMF ( Colours – Materials – Finishes ) 
  • Create Inspirational moodboards 

In this post, you can see some of the circular and sustainable material boards that we delivered within this research. Although we don’t see circular design and sustainability as trends, we believe macro trends will always embrace these future-proof themes. 

In short, there is no way to predict future scenarios and trends without diving into the brave new world of circular economy and circular design.

If you want to find out more about our services, get in touch via email: analuiza@somastudiomilano. Let’s help you to create a better future for your company and the planet!

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