Wearing a mask became a symbol of self-care and cared for others, a sign of our sense of community. Single-use masks disposal, however, represent a threat to the environment. We are throwing 129 billion face masks into the environment every month. These masks are non-recyclable and take on average 450 years to decompose. They are killing birds and sea creatures after strangling or getting eaten by mistake. These masks will also break into microplastics and poison the ocean.*

We could reduce this by over 100x if we all switched to reusable masks. But the question is, how can we safely carry and reuse masks? Health experts recommend storing mask in a separate bag or container and cleaning them with heat above 140°F(60°C) after every use. A UK government survey reported that only 32% of us claim to wash our face coverings after every use and only 13% clean with enough heat.

A third of us now prefer to use disposable masks as they are a safer and easier option. But how many of us would be willing to use reusable masks if they were sustainable, safer and easier?! Product designer Daniel Yin has developed a new solution to keep both us and the environment safe. 


INOKA is the world’s first complete system for safely carrying, storing and sanitising face masks for reuse. Made from 100% recycled aluminium and plastic, the Inoka is a sterilising cabinet that helps you store your face masks in a clean and organised way. 

⁣The metal cases help to safely carry face masks by isolating pathogens from reaching into the clean masks or reaching out of used ones. Made from virucidal and antimicrobial recycled copper and brass, it distributes heat evenly. It acts as mini-ovens when being heated inside the Inoka Mask Safe sterilise the mask effectively and itself at the same time.

Check out this new solution at INOKA’s website here and if would purchase the Inoka Mask System remember to use our coupon code SOMA10OFF to get 10% discount!
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*source: Ocean Conservancy/ images: @inokadesign

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