Global warming and well-being are pushing us all to take a closer look at nature. Designers are more than ever drawing inspiration from the natural world. Most of the designers we’ve met, interviewed or written about mentioned nature itself as their biggest inspiration.⁣

From furniture to décor accessories, design often mimics nature, bringing it closer to us, into our homes and workspaces, and closer to our minds and concerns. In this article, we want to share a simple yet intriguing series of objects inspired by wild grass from India!


Outside/inside is a series of objects made from pine needles that are open to interpretation of use. Inspired by wild grass and Indian landscapes. The pieces give the impression of growing from the surface it is kept on, bringing an outside piece of nature inside. Using the material as is, it utilizes the natural properties of densely packed pine needles to grip the things put inside it.⁣
The design reinterprets the conventional understanding of a ‘vessel’ from a round/square base with walls to organize objects efficiently into an entirely new visual, haptic and functional experience.⁣ The object form breaks away from modern product design “clinical nature”, allowing the user to come up with their own unique ways of using the object, striking a sense of curiosity and discovery.⁣

 Outside/inside is made of only two materials: pine needles locally sourced from the pine forests in Himachal Pradesh (India) and cork. The designers try to bring value to a product with an under-explored material to “bring a new perspective on product design that goes beyond the normal” – they claim.⁣
The designer-duo is currently striving to produce the objects while looking for platforms to collaborate and sell the Outside-inside series.⁣
We hope to see Yashika Munjal and Gaurav MK available soon!

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