While different styles rise, evolve or disappear, sustainability is becoming a shared value and even an aesthetic that is here to stay. A sustainable approach to production and consumption permeates our creations and tastes, as well as designers and brands, signature styles and popularity.⁣

We have recently witnessed the improvement of air quality in several areas and countries, while the world stopped due to the pandemic. Organizations and governments are now discussing how to tackle the economic crisis in a post-pandemic world while battling climate change.

At the same time, the design world is reaffirming sustainability and a circular approach to economy and design. The latest European design fairs such as Maison & Objet, 3 Days of Design, Helsinki Design Week and London Design Festival, for example, discussed themes such as consumer experience in a post-COVID world, homes changing roles and commitments to sustainability.⁣
We have also seen how, in 2020, major Italian brands launched sustainable collections and also sustainable versions of their iconic design pieces, a good example is Zanotta’s iconic Sacco that is back after 50 years in a green edition. Re-editions not only reclaim and honour iconic designs and designers but also demonstrate how adding value to existing projects can lead to a more conscious production. Innovative materials and production process together with modular design are at the forefront of new sustainable products and also re-edition. ⁣


Together with @italianbark, we have published an Italian Style Trend Guide 20/21. In the guide, readers will find an overview of the most influential Italian Styles to watch out for in 2020-21: Modernico, La Dolce Vita, Modern Mediterraneo and New Minimalism and practical tips on how to incorporate them into interior spaces. ⁣

In the last chapter of the guide, we share insights on how a sustainable approach to production and consumption permeates designers’ and brands’ signature styles and popularity and impacts new collections and Italian products re-editions and collections.⁣

Check out our trend membership page free resources and get inspired!⁣

*Photo Credit: Sacco Goes Green by Zanotta

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