With the pandemic, remote work became the new normal and most of us needed to adapt our living rooms, rooms or even kitchen into new offices. Companies, on the other hand, have started seeing the renting of office space as questionable.

At the moment, European countries are going through a second covid-19 wave, and are considering new restrictions, quarantine or even lockdowns. Many of us are working from home and without a precise date when we will be able to return to normality.

The need for a work-from-home solution, therefore, became quite urgent and is requiring designers and architects to come up with new solutions able to combine workspace with domesticity.

Boano Prišmontas, a studio of architects and makers based in London, launched “My Room in The Garden”, an affordable and sustainable prefab home office. Check it out:


My Room in the garden is an answer to the future way of working, is a cosy prefab hideout for London gardens and courtyard spaces for those working from home. Starting from £5K for the basic module, the office is a solution for both private home-owners and for companies that could reduce their rent cost for spacious offices in central London by purchasing home office pods instead to their employees.

The office structure is made of digitally fabricated sustainably sourced birch plywood modules, that can be customized according to each space and need. The standard finish includes corrugated transparent polycarbonate cladding that allows for natural light to flood the internal space. The wall modules can host different finishes such as peg wall, mirror, plain or decorated wood, etc. The higher-spec version includes insulated wall/roof/floor panels and glass door/windows.

Each component of the home-office pod is geometrically efficient and minimizes any material waste, besides each part dimensioning is based on human dimensions and standard material dimensions. The whole project is designed, manufactured, and pre-assembled in the UK.

The office was on display during the London Design Festival this year and featured in our latest trend report! 

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