⁣We have all seen lonely, discarded mattresses on the roadside or street corners. Maybe you or someone living with you have even put a worn-out mattress outside for garbage collection. ⁣

But do you know that mattresses are one of the major contributors to household landfill waste? The main reason behind this is the fact that mattresses have a complex composition of glued materials.⁣

In Europe, around 35 million mattresses are discarded while in the U.S. the number is around 20 million. Imagine how many of those are incinerated in landfills?

Dutch bedding company Auping has been working towards new circular solutions for mattresses. They have developed the fully circular Auping Evolve mattresses.⁣


Auping Evolve circularity is based mainly around two design strategies:⁣

The matrasses developed together with DSM-Niaga, only consists of two materials: steel and polyester.
These two components can be easily separate and reused continuously since they are not glued as standard mattresses. Auping achieved this by using the especial Niaga® Adhesive;⁣

/Locally Produced:
Evolve is produced in the Netherlands. The company have registered the origin of the matrasses components, and customers can check it out by scanning the mattress tag with a smartphone. In other words, customers can discover what the mattress is made of and how this will be reused.⁣

The company also launched a Take Back System in 2011, so when they deliver a new mattress at customers’ home, they offer to take their old mattress back. Even if this is not an Auping mattress, then they make sure these mattresses are processed in the right way.⁣

Hopefully, sometime from now, we will stop coming across lonely mattresses in street corners and more importantly, we will no longer need to incinerating them in landfills

*Photo credit: Auping

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