We are always looking for new ways to create and share content that is relevant and empowering. Collaboration has always been key to our work and has helped us to spread the word about sustainable and circular design to bigger audiences in different parts of the world. We’ve been collaborating with blogs, magazines, brands and educational institutions. Last June, we started our collaboration with ISOLA DESIGN MAGAZINE by @isoladesigndistrict, since then we have been writing a dedicated monthly column about sustainable and circular design. 

Our latest article “Circular Economy Repair Don’t Despair” talks about a circular economy relaunch in a post-pandemic world. How can we prioritize public health issues, while rebuilding the economy and providing for the most vulnerable ones? Should economic efforts focus on a growth based on business as usual? Or could these efforts accelerate the shift towards a resilient circular economy?

We are reflecting about all those difficult questions in our article as well as the benefits of a circular economy for the environment, the economy, businesses and individuals. You can read this article on ISOLA DESIGN MAGAZINE here.


Do you also want to spark conversations about sustainable and circular design? Let’s work together! If you have any editorial project or collaboration in mind, get in touch with us! 

*Image: Reliquaries by Paola Bay and Armando Bruno for Broken Nature

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