Our mass consumption culture and linear economy have taught us that more is more and that nothing wrong with throwing away goods and buying brand new items, from electronic goods to clothes and ⁣single-use packaging. ⁣

The Swedish design collective Malmö Upcycling Service (MUS) set out to fight back our throwaway culture and celebrate leftovers. They only design products and interiors made exclusively from leftovers and waste materials from local industries and manufacturers in southern Sweden.⁣

We have come across MUS when researching and covering the 3 Days of Design, in Denmark this September. The collective took part in the Knit! project by the Danish brand Kvadrat Febrik. ⁣


Knit! by Kvadrat Febrik is a series of work by 28 different designers exploring the potential of knitted textiles. The company chose designers and design studios based on their curiosity in experimenting with materials, form and colour, with many operating on the border between industrial design and craft.⁣

MUS presented Knit Together, a room divider inspired by the history of Malmö and its rich industrial heritage dating back some 300 years. The city’s sawtooth roofs, red-brick warehouses, and steel constructions have informed the compressed structure of Knit Together, as well as its reddish-pink hue.⁣

In terms of materials, Knit Together is made of solid textile boards – built from compressing end-of-life fabrics and connected by second-choice materials from the Kvadrat knitted collection. ⁣

At the Knit website – knit.kvadrat.dk, you can take a virtual tour to find out more and also explore the other 27 creations from international designers. It is totally worth it!⁣


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*Photo Credit: knit.kvadrat.dk

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