Brazil is facing a very tragic battle against COVID-19. After learning from experience the consequences of a coronavirus outbreak, it couldn’t be more heartbreaking for us (two Brazilians) to follow up with our country news. While trying to go back to “new normal” in Italy, we struggle to stay positive when it comes to Brazil. Under its current political leadership and in the face of all its social inequalities, it is not easy to see a way out.

Although everybody is under threat, societies with huge social inequalities will suffer the most. We are already witnessing a high number of black, poor including homeless and indigenous people being decimated by this virus and negligent political decisions. How can people in poor neighbourhoods like “favelas” wash their hands if many times there isn’t clean water? How can they isolate themselves if they leave in one room with their whole family? How can the riverine population in the Amazon have access to good health care? Ultimately, how can they eat with this crisis?

Surprisingly enough, we are seeing moving initiatives from the most vulnerable Brazilian citizens, people from poor communities like favelas such as “Rocinha”. They are getting together to help each other and to raise funds for families.


Brazilian designer Flavia Amadeu partnered with Ratorói to create reusable ecological masks made from recycled plastic and Amazonian rubber. The masks production promotes the inclusion of women and young people in the manufacturing chain generating income to the local community.

The so-called Funtastic Masks are designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Brazil and to raise support funds for riverside communities in the Amazon rainforest. Twenty per cent of each mask sold is allocated to these communities.

If you wish to support Funtastic Masks project, go ahead visit their website here .
Let’s support initiatives that care about people and the planet!

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