April is almost over and, due to the coronavirus outbreak, this month has been quite different from previous years. We are still in lockdown and the MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2019, the most important design event of the year, has been cancelled.

We have been covering both the Salone del Mobile and the FuoriSalone for some years now, so April has always been a very busy and inspiring month, actually our favourite one. During a week we get to experience a very lively Milan where we can meet amazing professionals, ground-breaking designers, innovative projects and products.

Last year at the FuoriSalone, more specifically at the Brera Design District, we came across the work of designer Jasmin Castagnaro from the Italian-based design studio Miyuca. She has developed a series of sustainable lamps made out of leaves.


LAAB – Light & Leaves is handmade material created out of autumn leaves and biological resins. Every autumn, millions of leaves fall to the ground and are regularly thrown away in our cities. The studio decided to turn this unused material, considered waste, into “the beginning of a new life.” After the leaves have fallen to the ground naturally, they are collected and carefully sorted by colour and type, before being mixed with natural additives and biologic resins.

LAAB gave life to a series of sustainable lamps in an effort to replace plastic with natural resources. To create the pendant lamps, the studio uses reusable wooden moulds. The unique thing about this material is the personal touch that every customer can add. It often happens that the leaves come from the surroundings of customers or even were picked together with them, explains Jasmin Castagnaro.


Jasmine Castagnaro Interview

LAAB is one of the beautiful projects we have featured in our new e-book: “Designing a Circular Future.” We had the chance to interview Jasmin Castagnaro, and she had shared with us her views on circular design and the role of designers in our contemporary world.  You can find details of her work and the full interview in our e-book by clicking in the link on our bio.

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