We used to see a range of sustainable products, from interior design to fashion, that didn’t meet high standards in terms of aesthetics. They were good, but they didn’t look good enough. In the last 3 years, we have been seeing more and more designers and brands creating products, which are not only sustainable but beautifully designed.

Although consumers, especially Gen Z, are more inclined to purchase products and services that help them reducing their ecological footprint, they are not likely to disregard aesthetic. In our new e-book about the circular economy and design, we will be sharing with you various designs from emerging sustainable brands. One of these brands comes from FINLAND, meet them here:


Woodio is a Finnish design-oriented material technology company with innovative and sustainable designs for bathrooms. Their patented material is the world’s first 100% waterproof wood composite that consists of real wood chips.

The company unique material innovation was inspired by an idea of making wooden bathroom tiles. They currently provide washbasins and bathtubs designs with a unique, minimalistic style. When compared to traditional ceramic bathroom products, Woodio design pieces significantly present a lower carbon footprint, throughout the whole product lifecycle. They claim to have 55kg lower CO2 emissions per unit .* Their products are disposable as energy waste, designed and produced in Finland and their core material, wood aspen, is locally sourced.

Wood Chips Unique Materials


We had the opportunity to interview them for our e-book.
One of our questions was: What is the biggest challenge designers face to build a circular future? Here an extract of their answer:
“For us, designers of tangible products, the challenge of large scale production is a big one. How can we design and mass-produce products that are both restorative and regenerative?

Woodio Interview for our e-book


If you want to find out more about designers and companies working with the principle of the circular economy. Check out our new e-book here.


 ✔Key concepts within the linear economy
✔Key concepts & principles within the circular economy
✔An essential glossary for the circular economy
✔Benefits of the circular economy
✔Circular design overview
✔6 Circular design strategies
✔News and Innovations from European Design Fairs & Events
✔15 Exclusive interviews with emerging & renowned designers
✔More than 20 case studies from brands & designers
✔More than 150 pages
✔More than 7000 words

Check out our e-book and help us to spread the word about the circular economy and circular design.

*Cover Ph Credit: Anders Lorentzen, KEA Communications

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