Today, Earth Day, we are thrilled to publish together with ITALIANBARK our new e-book entirely dedicated to circular design.

We have been researching about the circular economy and circular design since 2017. We could not anticipate how fast these themes would become crucial to our lives and survival. At this very moment, the world is living in times of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic. While we are all trying to make sense and adapt to this new reality, our only assurance is that “no man is an island.” We are all in this together! And this is true for both the coronavirus and for the current environmental emergency.

The planet is urging us to re-design, re-think and re-purpose the way we produce and consume. The only possible future is indeed circular, and there is no turning back. Our purpose with this e-book is to sparkle conversations about the circular economy and circular design to inspire professionals and brands in the creation of a sustainable future.

We believe that together we can find more meaningful and sustainable ways to inhabit our planet, especially in a post-COVID world with all the challenges the future holds.


  • Key concepts within the linear economy
  • Key concepts & principles within the circular economy
  • An essential glossary for the circular economy
  • Benefits of the circular economy
  • Circular design overview
  • 6 Circular design strategies
  • News and Innovations from European Design Fairs & Events
  • 15 Exclusive interviews with emerging & renowned designers
  • More than 20 case studies from brands & designers
  • More than 150 pages
  • More than 7000 words


Watch our teaser video below and click here to learn more.

We have asked designers to define circular design in one or few words. Check it out!

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