“Don’t trust anyone who is fully sure of anything at this moment.”

This is a piece of very wise advice for these days since our certainties are all questioned and it is not really possible to predict what the future will bring us after this pandemic storm. But human beings are stubborn by nature and we are always trying to make sense of things, especially crises. We are always looking for answers, definitions, names and ideas. We need to do so to comfort our hearts and minds, to give us hope and above all to learn from it, don’t we?! __
Sparking conversations and exchanging ideas is one of the ways we choose to look for answers and to understand this moment while living in it. It is not easy, but it is important to keep trying!

Last week, we’ve published our podcast “Coronavirus impact – Trend Q&A” together with ITALIANBARK blog
In this podcast, we talked about our own experiences and discussed some questions sent by our trend membership subscribers from different corners of the world. You can access the podcast on Spotify by here: shorturl.at/fmITV
Coronavirus impact – Trend Q&A

Coronavirus impact – Trend Q&A

Here are the questions we’ve tried to answer:

1. How this international lockdown might impact consumption behaviour ?

2. Do you think this crisis will create new opportunities for local designers and craftsmanship?

3. Do you think that the lockdown that is happening in many countries, starting from China and Italy, is going to change the way we live in our homes in the long term?

4. How the present situation is going to affect design?

5. Do you think this new way of working, the home office, will become a trend after this situation?

6. How the Coronavirus will impact our shopping experience?

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