When we observe and research global trends, we are able to glimpse at the future and learn how society is evolving, from living to working habits, from travel to consumption behaviours, from human to technological interactions. 

We have identified the top 4 macro trends that are and will continue to shape interior and design in 2020 and 2021. These are The Future is Circular, Playful LivingBecoming HumanDesigning Well-Being. Are you ready to walk into the future and be inspired? Let us walk you through.

The Future is Circular

A circular approach to economy is becoming mainstream and as a result, circular design is nowadays a priority for many brands and designers. Waste is no longer seen as unwanted materials or a threat to the environment. Designers instead are repurposing waste into valuable resources for the creation of sustainable and circular design products.

German designer Alexander Schul has created the Substantial Furniture with a series of design pieces – lamp, chair and side table – entirely made from recycled plastic, which can be easily produced on a large scale. 

Italian designer Pietro Algranti makes bespoke furniture and objects using ruined and wasted materials. He creates tables, kitchens, beds, lamps, chairs and other objects from recycled wood, iron, aluminium, copper and brass. The amazing thing is that the designer leaves the materials very close to the way he finds them: the irregularity of the surfaces, instead of being a problem, make the pieces unique and original. 

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