Whenever we design a product, project a building or even consume goods, we create a series of environmental impacts. Nowadays we have all the tools to measure our impact on earth and this gives us a great opportunity to challenge the ways we think about materials, production and design.

Last month, the German trend forecasting agency HAUTE INNOVATION took part in the Interzum Fair in Cologne (Germany) with the exhibition “Disruptive Materials – Changing the Future“. Featuring more than 100 projects, the exhibition demonstrated how new materials are the main drivers of product innovation. 

The most innovative Material Design Trends from Interzum 2019 / 7 Design

Anima Collection

Japanese designer Kosuke Araki has created a series of tableware and vessels using daily food waste. The series, called Anima Collection, intends to make users reflect on their daily basis about consumption habits. All the products are made from carbonized vegetable waste mixed with animal glue and finished with urushi, a Japanese lacquer that historically has a close connection with food.

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