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We are passionate about creating and sharing content for a circular future.

We landed in Milan in 2017 and as design lovers, we immersed ourselves in the design scene. We got in touch with new initiatives, projects, talented professionals and a whole new world opened up to us. We’ve realised that the only possible future is circular, there is no turning back. The planet is urging us to re-design, re-think and re-purpose the way we produce and consume.

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What we do

We create and curate content to spread the word and spark conversations about sustainable and circular design.
We want to encourage professionals and companies to take part in the shift towards a circular economy.


Our membership created in collaboration with ITALIANBARK, is currently the only trend programme entirely focused on the latest trends and innovations in Interior & Design, including Sustainable and Circular Design.

Talks & workshops

All our talks and workshops are carefully created to deliver exclusive and relevant content, to share the latest trends, to drive innovation to your organization and to inspire students and staff.

Digital Products

E-books, Webinars, Reports, Newsletters, Blog posts are some of the content we create to our own audience. We also produce bespoke content for blogs, portals, magazines, brands, educational institutions.

Fairs & Event Coverage

Throughout the year we cover the main events related to Interior and Design, with special attention to Sustainable and Circular Design innovations and trends. Our coverage can be shared online.

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Designing a Circular Future

An introduction to 
Circular Economy & Design

TREND E-book

Colours Trends 20/21

The latest Colour Trends for
Interior & Design


Surface Design Trends

The latest Surface Design
Trends for 2020/21


The latest trends in interior and design to fuel your creativity and inspire your work