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When Design meets Communication amazing things can happen

The planet is urging us to re-design, re-think and re-purpose the way we produce and consume. Our team is up to the challenge.




SOMA specialises in empowering professionals and companies to  transition from the linear economy to a circular economy through circular design consultancy, content generation, education & training and trend research – trend forecasting + trend spotting.

Circular Design Consultancy

We help organisations develop products, services, and systems for a circular economy through circular design strategies, material research, and facilitating collaborations.

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Content Generation

We collaborate with media outlets and brands to create accessible and compelling content on the circular economy and circular design.

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Education & Training

We work together with companies and educational institutions to provide bespoke circular design courses, talks, and workshops both to students and professionals.

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Trend Research

We help organisations identify the main trends to act on while embracing a circular future. Together we turn trends into future-proof products and services.

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Brand Positioning & PR

We help brands and professionals develop a correct brand positioning and get their sustainable and circular stories in front of those who matter. No greenwash is required!

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Want to Design a Circular Future?

Get our e-book for an inspiring overview on the circular economy and circular design. With more than 150 pages the  e-book will guide readers through the logic of the linear economy  versus the circular economy;  the circular economy main principles;  the circular design strategies; innovations from leading European design fairs & events, a series of exclusive interviews with designers and companies working with circular design principles. Contact us to get a copy for only 39 Euros, and  join the circular revolution.

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